March trudged

Whew! March is over. For me, it felt a bit like trudging across a field covered with three feet of snow. Other than feeling quite busy, there isn’t any huge reason why March was a tough month. I think it has to do with the potential of spring. I wanted it to arrive so badly, and we had a couple gorgeous days in March that only teased, thumbs in ears, fingers wiggling. Nah-nah nah-nah-nah! Now April is coming in like March’s lion. Wind! Here to blow away winter’s cobwebs.

As much as March tried to kick my butt, I managed to write a new picture book manuscript, edit two, and submit to three places. So I exceeded my goals with these activities, but if I’m ever going to get published… OK, I’m boring you again, but as I said in January, accountability helps, so thanks for your tolerance. Let’s get to the good stuff – what I read.

Not much. Only 17 picture books (my goal was 40). Here are the ones I liked best.

  • THE CLOUD SPINNER by Michael Catchpool, illustrated by Alison Jay, 2012, A Borzoi Book/ Alfred A. Knopf
  • JUST DUCKS by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Salvatore Rubbino, 2012, Candlewick Press
  • ONE by Kathryn Otoshi, 2008, KO Kids Books

Here’s an interesting thing about ONE. The author/illustrator self-published this book, apparently, along with four other books. I would love to know the story behind her decision to publish her books herself. ONE is very professionally done, has garnered much recognition, and won ten awards. Brilliant! And the best thing about ONE? I snatched up my very own copy at my library’s book sale last Friday. Yay!

Now on to April. I already have a new manuscript almost finished and read twenty-something books, but my focus this month will be polishing at least six manuscripts and sending them out, out, out! What are your April plans?


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9 responses to “March trudged

  1. I have the book ONE and ZERO. It’s absolutely fabulous and genius! I am adding the other books you like to my to-read list. Wishing you well on your revisions and submissions!

    • Carol Munro

      Thanks for the well wishes, Romelle. I haven’t read Zero yet. I’ll have to seek it out. I agree. Genius!

  2. Barbara warga

    One, Zero and Beautiful Oops on the list for my Sophia. Thanks Carol!

    • Carol Munro

      Lucky little girl! I haven’t read Beautiful Oops, but it looks like fun! Sounds like the kind of book I needed when I was a kid. I’ll track it down.

  3. Sounds as if you’re in the zone. I’m so jealous!

  4. Always fun to learn about “to me” books 😀
    A few more for my list. Thanks, Carol!

  5. *”new to me” books* 😀

  6. I’ve read a ton of PBs the last 4 weeks from being in Mira Reisberg’s Picture Book Academy class, and I’ll add your favorite 3 to my list…thank you! (It’s good to know about One being self-pubbed; maybe you can track the author down and do an interview for your blog? 🙂 )

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