Maybe it’s not really about time


(c) 2010 Photo by Carol Munro

This week’s topic in Marci Flinchum Atkin’s We’re All in This Together series on her blog: How do you make time to write?

It’s a two-parter again, and you can find it here on Saturday and here on Sunday. (The complete series is archived here.)

My contribution is included in Sunday’s post. Perhaps I didn’t precisely answer the question that was asked, because after writing my bit, I realized it doesn’t have all that much to do with having the time. Rather, it’s deciding you are going to do it and – well – doing it. No excuses.

If you want to write and can’t find the time, you don’t really want to write. Sorry, but be absolutely honest with yourself.

Oh, you do want to write. Okay, then, are you a list maker, one who loves to cross off completed tasks? Then put writing on your list, and be specific (i.e., write 1,000 words on the novel OR finish the short story I began last week). If you’re a fanatic about scheduling your life on a calendar (paper or electronic), book an appointment with yourself for an hour of writing. Whatever your style, when you schedule showers, work, chores, appointments, picking up the kids, date night, calling your mom, be sure to include time to write. If you don’t actively consider fitting it into your life, you’ll never have time for it.

What stops you from writing? Is it time? Or is it simply you?

Happy attitude adjustment hour. Now go write.


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8 responses to “Maybe it’s not really about time

  1. It was totally me…always making excuses about why I couldn’t set aside time to write. But I changed my errant ways this year; I wrote about it in the Tuesday 12×12 post (not sure when that will be aired though). 🙂

  2. Absolutely! You make time for what’s important to you. I realized after my 2nd child was born that I was never going to be handed time. If I was serious about writing, I was going to have to make it a priority! Thanks for mentioning the series!

  3. Did I inspire this piece?

    • Carol Munro

      Perhaps subconsciously. LOL But honestly, Marcia started it! She asked the question about finding time to write. You really should read her blog post, part one AND part two. See you on Thursday, right? RIGHT?

  4. Barbara Warga

    This clock looks very familiar

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