Photo Challenge / Writing Prompt #4

©2015 Photo by Carol Munro

©2015 Photo by Carol Munro

Photo prompt: Numbers

Writing Prompt: Today the photo challenge led my husband and me into a cemetery we’ve driven by for more than 30 years. I’m glad we stopped and strolled around. It made me feel more rooted in this region of Western Massachusetts. This stone in particular made thoughts in my head ping-pong every which way. The abbreviations. The stone cutter’s work. The longevity of this man born in 1616. That this man (it seems) is buried with his son, who died 52 years later. (Did the Captain not have a stone all those years? Or was his replaced after his son died? Or have I totally misconstrued the stone’s message?) That 300+ years later, someone continues to tend this grave. Where does this photo take your thoughts? Go. Write. Have fun.

For more info about the photo challenge, go here: Suzannah Conway’s August Break, 2015.

Photo and writing prompt © Carol Munro, 2015


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2 responses to “Photo Challenge / Writing Prompt #4

  1. Cathy Ballou Mealey

    The Association for Gravestone Studies has a HUGE collection at UMASS that you might enjoy visiting. Even their website has lots if interesting info…I am researching a NF PB bio about a colorful character!

  2. Cool. Thanks for the lead.

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