Photo Challenge / Writing Prompt #5

Today my photo for Suzannah’s challenge (citrus) stretches the connection a bit. I took lots of photos of lemony-orange nature – bursting-bright yellow flowers, buzzy-fuzzy yellow jackets and bumble bees, fluttery-beautiful yellow butterflies and orange ones, and bitty-bouncy yellow goldfinches. But I choose to post this pic of fruit growing on my quince bush. What’s so citrus-y about quince? Glad you asked. This fruit has more vitamin C than lemons. And there’s the connection.

©2015 Photo by Carol Munro

 Photo Prompt: Citrus

Writing Prompt: Write about the over-use of hyphenation. Or about fruit. What was your favorite fruit when you were a child? And now? What memories do you have about picking fresh fruit? Or buying it? Or stealing it? What’s the oddest experience you ever had involving fruit? (If you hang upside down and swallow watermelon, the juice comes out your nose. Yeah. I know that for a fact.) Consider writing from a child’s or animal’s point of view. Have fun. Go. Write.

For more info about the photo challenge, go here: Suzannah Conway’s August Break, 2015.

Photo and writing prompt ©  Carol Munro, 2015

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One response to “Photo Challenge / Writing Prompt #5

  1. Love that you leaped right over the word ‘citrus’ and landed on quince. 🙂

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