Photo Challenge / Writing Prompt #7

The photo challenge today asked participants to post five facts about ourselves. Here’s what I wrote to go with the photo below.

  1. Some days I feel like I carry this pile of stones in a sack on my back. I have friends who cut holes in the sack and lessen my load.
  2. I count my blessings. So far, I have this many (see pile).
  3. I have certain rocks I’ve found elsewhere and hauled home. I treasure and care for them, and display them on my porches as though they’re works of art.
  4. Rock and roll is not my favorite type of music.
  5. One of my favorite places in this area of the world I call home is a lake I was introduced to by a friend when I was 20. There are many large rocks and boulders in the woods and water. When the water level is low, one grand boulder peeks out. I swam out to sun myself on it many times, once towing my youngest son who was maybe about six years old. He held my shoulders and floated above me, completely trusting.

©2015 Photo by Carol Munro

Photo Prompt: 5 Facts About Me

Writing Prompt: Pebbles. Stones, Rocks. Boulders. What do they mean to you? Brainstorm. Make a list of 60 things about you and rocks. YES, sixty. Why so many? Today in another blog post, my writer friend Marcie Colleen mentioned this:

Twyla Tharp, award-winning choreographer, often asks her students to generate a list of sixty possibilities to solve a problem and then chooses the sixty-first.  As she says in The Creative Habit, “The closer they get to the sixtieth idea, the more imaginative they become—because they have been forced to stretch their thinking. It’s the same arc every time: the first third of the ideas are obvious; the second third are more interesting; the final third show flair, insight, curiosity, even complexity.” So, keep those ideas coming. Challenge yourself. Dig deep.

(Thanks, Marcie! You can follow her here.)

When you have sixty things on your list, pick something that inspires you to write today. Save the list for future inspiration. Have fun. Go. Write.

For more info about the photo challenge, go here: Suzannah Conway’s August Break, 2015.

Photo and writing prompt © Carol Munro, 2015

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