Photo Challenge / Writing Prompt #16

©2015 Photo by Carol Munro

©2015 Photo by Carol Munro

Photo prompt: Fire

Writing prompt: This sign was in an antique barn in Vermont. Ever go antiquing? Do you remember the smell of old goods gathered? Can you smell the smoke of this cigar? Go ahead. Light it up. What fire does this photo light for you? Write about it, but be sure to include the scent of smell. Go. Write. Have fun.

For more info about the photo challenge, go here: Suzannah Conway’s August Break, 2015.

Photo and writing prompt. © Carol Munro, 2015


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2 responses to “Photo Challenge / Writing Prompt #16

  1. I love antiquing, but truth be told, there are no real antiques on the West Coast, save for those that found their way here by wagon trains or the modern day equivalent.

    • I’ve heard that, Melodye. My son recently sent me a pic of himself outside an “antique mart” somewhere in the Bay area. I wanted so badly to walk into that entrance and take a look around.

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