Photo Challenge / Writing Prompt #29

The chirping from this chipmunk was so loud I’m sure his paws were cupped to his mouth to amplify his story to the far edges of the yard. Look. His paws are poised to do it again. What was his story? I suspect he was telling all the other creatures about the mugging, which I witnessed a few days earlier.

Squirrel had been a few yards away, peering at Chippy from behind the peony. He then darted around a bush and rushed the unsuspecting little guy. Without a please or thank you, he grabbed Chippy’s piece of pizza crust, turned tail, and ran.

(This photo was shot through a screen door.)

©2015 Photo by Carol Munro

©2015 Photo by Carol Munro

Photo prompt: Listening

Writing prompt: Sit outside or by a window and listen to the animals in your world. They all have stories to tell. Tell it. Make it a story for kids. Somewhere a child is waiting to hear it. Go. Write. Have fun.

For more info about the photo challenge, go here:

Photo and writing prompt © Carol Munro, 2015


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3 responses to “Photo Challenge / Writing Prompt #29

  1. I used to like chipmunks before I realized how loud they are and before they started stealing our blueberries. 😉

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