I’ve entered Susanna Leonard Hill’s 7th Annual Halloweensie Contest! Here’s my entry. I hope you enjoy it!

Want to know more about the contest, which ends tonight at 11:59 p.m. EDT? Go here.

Happy halloween, everyone!


Go out? Not me!
Dark there. Spooky!

Monsters clomping,
dragons chomping,
ghouls sput-spitting,
bats flap-flitting.

Tree bones creaky,
shadows freaky.
Werewolves howl,
zombies prowl.

Go out? Not me!
Dark there. Spooky!

But there’s candy?
You said candy?
Let’s go!

Fall leaves swirling.
Party’s whirling!
Pumpkins sneering,
children cheering.

Dancing, deejays,
candy, corn maze.
Scarecrow making,
picture taking.

Shaky hay ride,
Getting droop-eyed.
Heavy treat bag.
Tuckered feet drag.

But there’s candy!
I have candy!
Counting candy…


in my dreams.



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24 responses to “Halloweensie!

  1. Braving Halloween may leave a person with a stuffed tummy but delicious dreams indeed. Clever how you changed the pace of the story, Carol! Well done. 🙂

  2. So, so kid-like to be motivated by those treats. And then sleepy eyes. Love the language and rhyme. Well done!

  3. I love your rhymes – deejays/maze & me/spooky! *Bowing* Though it can be spooky (always remember the older kids jumping from bushes & spooky shadows), I remember the tired feet, hay in the hair, & SOO much candy. Thanks for this beautiful story and the reminiscences you brought. 🙂

    • Glad it brought back memories for you, Maria. I mostly remember dumping the bag on the living room floor and sorting it all, trading with my little brother (“I’ll give you two of these for one of those.”), and wondering where to hide it all from my bigger brothers.

  4. Love this, Carol! Conjured up such wonderful images!

  5. What a fun evening, full of emotion and vivid images!

  6. Candy makes everything better. Good luck!

  7. Delfina Salimbene

    Nice arc–and I love how completely candy changes the character’s perception. Well done!

  8. Reads well. Clever attitude change in the middle. Lots of vivid verbs and I like the early refrain.

  9. This was great, and fun to read!

  10. jennagrodzicki

    This is such a fun story, Carol. Good luck!

  11. Ah, the fears we overcome for candy! 🙂 Wonderful rhyme and use of language, Carol! Very fun to read! Thanks so much for joining in on Halloweensie!

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